Laura Day’s Top Ten List – Number 7: Get Rich Quick Ideas

#7.       Pie in the Sky and other Get Rich Quick Ideas

Lots of our clients lie awake at night.  We do too, even about your cases.  Get up and read a good book, or meditate and drink some hot milk, but please don’t turn on the TV or start to google for solutions.  There are some good legitimate credit counseling agencies, but as with everything else, the internet is filled with outlandish promises and pie in the sky schemes promising to get you out of debt. There is some good information about bankruptcy, but also a lot of misinformation and over-promising.  Why do you think so many debt relief agencies run commercials at 3:00 a.m.?  There have been many true tales of paying large up-front amounts into some kind of “safe” account, only to have that money disappear along with the ability to contact someone.  Do your homework with credible and legitimate options.  As one long-time friend of our firm so eloquently puts it—“There is no magic bullet.” I have added his quote to my laundry list of good things to remember.


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