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Financial Challenges In The Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturer restructurings, bankruptcies and liquidations were more common in the past, but those manufacturing companies still around today continue to face financial challenges, including global competition, the rising cost and volatility of raw materials, transportation logistics, and slower or unstable growth rates of orders and labor demand. Finding adequate and qualified employees, often with the required technological expertise, makes the concerns of the existing employees a great concern if possible bankruptcy is being explored. The impacts of a bankruptcy on customers must also be considered.

During economic downturns, Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be an important tool to restructure existing indebtedness for a manufacturing business or provide a mechanism for an orderly sale of assets or wind-down of operations.  The attorneys of DelCotto Law Group PLLC have experience in restructuring manufacturing businesses, both in out-of-court restructurings and Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Specifically, we have helped former clients with manufacturing businesses to analyze and address key issues, including but not limited to:

  • Lease assumption, rejection or assignment
  • True lease/finance lease analysis
  • Collective bargaining agreements and other employee issues
  • Reclamation claims for return of goods
  • Critical vendors
  • Administrative claims, including goods within 20 days of filing
  • 363 sales to maximize asset or going concern value

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