Our Clients Receive Individualized Attention And Advice

Experienced Litigation For Plaintiffs And Defendants

DelCotto Law Group PLLC’s litigation team not only represents large national corporations and small businesses but also represents individuals, as both plaintiff and defendant. The DLG litigators are equipped to handle any type of dispute and are comfortable litigating in state court as well as federal district and bankruptcy courts. Their litigation experience includes asserting state law claims on behalf of individual clients, as well as defending individuals in foreclosure actions in state court, contract claims in federal district court, and adversary and nondischargeability proceedings in bankruptcy court. No case is too large or too small for the DLG litigation team.

Our team is results-driven and focused on obtaining the best possible result for every client. They work hand in hand with the client to learn the facts of a particular case and understand the client’s position. Regardless of the situation, the DLG litigation team will conduct an early assessment and analysis to determine the best course of action for a client, given the particular facts and circumstances of each case. This allows the DLG litigators to thoroughly discuss with clients upfront the scope of available strategies that can be pursued to accomplish the best results as efficiently as possible.

Even though the DLG litigators like to have a plan early on in every case, they also have the ability to never lose sight of the “big picture,” which means they never rule out any possible resolution of a dispute. The DLG litigation team recognizes that litigation is neither the only, nor usually the most cost-effective, means of resolving legal disputes. Their experience in mediation, arbitration, plain old face-to-face meetings with the players needed to reach some resolution, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution enables them to go the extra mile for their clients. However, if efforts at alternative dispute resolution are not productive and litigation is the only way to reach a result, the DLG litigators are not afraid of heading to and preparing for trial. When litigation cannot be avoided, clients can rely on DelCotto Law Group PLLC to take their case to trial because of the DLG litigation team’s ability to understand the issues thoroughly, position cases for maximum trial advantage, clearly communicate with judges and juries, and persuasively present the facts and argue the law.

We take pride in the fact that our litigators can provide high-level legal analysis while maintaining a cost-effective approach to each case. More importantly, though, we take a vested interest in obtaining the best possible result for each client because, at DLG, success is measured not by the fact that a case can be resolved, but by the quality of the result achieved for the client.

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