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Court-Appointed Creditor Committees

DelCotto Law Group PLLC represents court-appointed creditor committees on a regular basis, as both lead counsel and as special counsel. We are committed to a streamlined process to identify available assets and strategies to maximize creditor recovery in a cost-efficient manner. Representing an unsecured creditors’ committee is a delicate balancing act of working to obtain a feasible recovery for unsecured creditors without unnecessarily running up professional costs. We are committed to our committee and creditor clients to very quickly gather the information necessary to figure out the financial and litigation situations without letting a case languish. We refuse to be bullied or lulled along by the other constituents in the process.

We believe that the most productive and successful committees are those that have timely and correct information and can quickly act on that information. At DLG, we use our experience to develop and execute a calculated strategy to maximize the value available to unsecured creditors. While we prefer to collaborate with other stakeholders to build a consensus toward a beneficial exit strategy, we stand ready to take aggressive approaches to ensure that the creditor body is best served. Our knowledge of the courts and local players, combined with our significant experience in representation of creditors’ committees, allows us to quickly analyze each case to identify immediate action items and evaluate the long-term prospects for return to unsecured creditors. Email or call 859-309-4653 for a consultation.

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