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While many financial restructurings or bankruptcies have some amount of routine and similar issues, there are always issues that are unique to the specific industry involved. Many of the debt restructurings or court disputes are impacted by concerns that are important within that industry.

With our many years of experience across multiple types of cases, the attorneys and paralegals at DelCotto Law Group PLLC strive to proactively consider the risks and politics involved on an industry-by-industry basis, as these can greatly affect results and decisions. Our attorneys have experience assisting business clients in industries such as: 

  • Dealerships – Whether you’re selling new and used cars and trucks, boats or manufactured homes, there are some common issues that arise when a dealership encounters financial distress.
  • Equine related – Even the Horse Capital of the World is not resistant to the current economic turmoil. While the equine industry has always been a business filled with risks, those risks have mounted.
  • Farming –While many financial restructurings or bankruptcies have some routine and similar issues, there are likewise issues that are unique to the specific industry involved. The agricultural sector is no different.
  • Health care – The health care industry has historically been resistant to financial crises, but the impact of the current economic situation has critical implications for all involved in the health care industry including hospitals, clinics, nonprofits, physicians and patients. With the economic uncertainty comes a shift in patient mentality as patients forgo or delay elective procedures.
  • Manufacturing – Manufacturing companies continue to face several financial challenges, including competition, the rising cost of raw materials, and arbitrary growth rates of orders and labor demand.
  • Coal – Kentucky is located in the heart of the Central Appalachian coal country. Being located in one of the nation’s top-producing coal states, the coal industry is well known as one of the commonwealth’s top industries.
  • Oil and gas – Kentucky has a significant presence in the oil and gas industry. The right to remove oil and gas from the earth’s surface is granted under an oil and gas lease. At one time, natural gas was deemed to be an undesirable by-product of oil extraction. It is now a valuable resource that is easily transported via interstate pipelines. It is currently a cost-effective energy alternative.
  • Real estate Residential and commercial real estate have myriad challenges with the rapid pace of the ups and downs of real estate development statewide.
  • Restaurants – Like most other industries, the restaurant industry has felt a significant impact of the current economic circumstances.
  • Retail – If anything is certain in the recent economic environment, it is that the retail industry needs to adapt to a new “normal” in consumer spending habits; rapid changes are sometimes not feasible.
  • Trucking – Unpredictable fuel prices have taken a toll on virtually every aspect of the American economy. Perhaps one of the most widely-affected industries is the over-the-road trucking industry, which has been faced with increased operational costs due to growing fuel prices, as well as decreased revenue associated with changing consumer demands for goods.

We also assist those who are seeking options for dealing with insolvency in a nonprofit organization.

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