Our Clients Receive Individualized Attention And Advice

Intelligent Business Litigation

At DelCotto Law Group PLLC, our team has experience resolving myriad commercial disputes, from the most complex multiple-party matters to straightforward contentious issues. Many types of actions arise out of bankruptcy and other financial-distress situations, some fairly routine and some not. We understand that these kinds of cases are stressful for clients and strive to alleviate the pressure by coming up with creative strategies for dealing with difficult challenges.

We recognize that litigation is neither the only nor usually the best means of resolving a legal dispute. We explore every option for resolving disputes, including mediation.

Lean. Smart. Effective.

Our senior litigators are former “big law” attorneys who know how the game is played and have won. While a mega law firm might have innumerable bodies to address one case, our team is small by design. We stay focused on moving the case along to conclusion without unnecessarily running up costs.

Our lawyers have extensive experience litigating in federal district and bankruptcy courts as well as in state courts throughout Kentucky. We provide our clients with an early assessment and analysis in order to determine the best course of action for a given set of facts and circumstances. We offer a detailed report of which available forums might be most beneficial so our clients can make informed choices about proceeding with efficient, cost-effective resolutions.

When litigation cannot be avoided, our trial lawyers will be ready to take a case to court. We offer our exceptional ability to:

  • Thoroughly understand the legal issues.
  • Clearly communicate complex concepts to judges and juries.
  • Persuasively present facts and argue the law.

We also have an active appellate practice before federal and state courts of appeals. We can defend or appeal a lower court’s decision when necessary.

Pursuing Effective Resolutions Promptly

If your business is contending with a dispute, prompt responses are imperative. Immediate action can avert avoidable losses. Our attorneys understand the value of preparing every matter for the possibility of a court trial without every matter having to go before a judge. At DLG, we go the extra mile and offer innovative solutions for our clients’ toughest legal challenges. We welcome the opportunity to counsel and guide you through the commercial litigation maze. Call our office at 859-309-4653 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.