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Oil And Gas Matters

Kentucky has a sizable presence in the oil and gas industry. The right to remove oil and gas from the earth’s surface is granted under an oil and gas lease. At one time, natural gas was deemed to be an undesirable byproduct of oil extraction. It is now a valuable resource that is easily transported via interstate pipelines. It is also a cost-effective energy alternative.

Natural gas is a vital and valuable resource. The oil and gas industry is likely to be an economic driver as the price of crude oil increases. DelCotto Law Group PLLC stands ready to use its experience in this significant Kentucky industry to counsel both gas lessors and lessees. We can assist with respect to any dispute arising under an oil and gas lease, whether the dispute arises in or outside of a bankruptcy proceeding.

Some areas we can assist include:

  • Royalty calculation disputes
  • Transportation
  • PSC and regulatory

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