Take Care of Yourself: The Stress of Financial Challenges

It is a given that with financial challenge comes stress.  Stress over the emotional challenges that accompany the financial challenges.  Stress over things and people that we can not control.   While we at DLG are cognizant that our clients are operating under stress conditions, each individual reacts differently to stress.   Your lawyers are not trained psychologists, but we do act as “counselors” as well as “advocates.”   We are here to attempt to work our way through your choices, together and at your ultimate instruction.

It is imperative you take steps to reduce your stress.  The best decisions can not be made when any person is operating under stress.   There are a plethora of resources available with “tips” for reducing stress.   Some people become filled with anxiety and lose sleep, while others become lethargic and sleep all day.   Just like your specific financial issues are unique, your stress responses and relievers will be unique.    You need to do everything within your power to take “extreme care” of yourself during these times.

Many stress relievers cost extra money, but some are free.  Get outside.  Get quiet.  Eat well and exercise.  Take a long walk, outside.  Listen to great music.  Meditate.   We are here to help you make choices, and we want you to be functioning under your highest and best self while facing the decisions and the pressures of dealing with your creditors, many of whom may be unhappy or hostile.



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