Sovereign Immunity is No Defense to a § 544(b)(1) Claim

In United States v. Equipment Acquisition Resources, Inc. (In re Equipment Acquisition Resources, Inc.), 485 B.R. 586 (N.D. Ill. 2013), the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois affirmed a bankruptcy court’s ruling that 11 U.S.C. § 106(a)(1) eliminates the IRS’s ability to assert sovereign immunity as a defense to any § 544 claim.  The case involved an s-corporation’s transfers to shareholders for payment of pass-through tax liability.  After filing bankruptcy, the debtor in possession asserted a state law constructive fraudulent transfer claim against the IRS through 544(b)(1).  The IRS defended by arguing, among other things, that § 106(a)(1) did not eliminate its sovereign immunity defense to the state law fraudulent transfer claim (albeit through § 544) because sovereign immunity would have barred any such claim prior to the bankruptcy.  Id. at 593.  The Equipment Acquisition Resources court quickly rejected the argument.  The court noted that, by including § 544 in § 106(a)(1), Congress knowingly brought state law claims within the category of suits for which the sovereign immunity defense has been eliminated.  Id.  The court affirmed the bankruptcy court’s ruling that § 106(a)(1) abrogates the sovereign immunity defense to any claim pursuant to § 544


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