Silencing the Bankruptcy Critic

“Some people take advantage of the bankruptcy laws and file unnecessarily,” says Mr. Bankruptcy Critic.  There are bankruptcy judges all over the United States at this very moment deciding whether a Debtor deserves to be granted a discharge.  Taking advantage of the bankruptcy laws and filing bankruptcy unnecessarily is what they are making sure doesn’t happen, along with a Trustee and a U.S. Trustee who are assigned to the case.

Still, the Supreme Court has made it clear that the fresh start IS available to the honest but unfortunate debtor.  We live in a country that supports a multitude of dreams.  Starting your own business, owning your own home, graduating from an educational institution of your choice, being successful in a particular field, i.e. medicine, law, business.  Nobody goes into each expecting to fail but to succeed.  But, if for some unfortunate reason it does, you still deserve a fresh start.


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