Making Decisions – Part 1

We often work with clients who hesitate, stall, and cannot decide what steps to take and which way to go.   I don’t necessarily think that these individuals are indecisive as much as they are afraid – afraid it won’t work, afraid it won’t be well-received, afraid to admit they have some role in where they find themselves and may have made some mistakes themselves along the way.   There is always a combination of internal and external factors that get everyone to where they are today in their lives.  That is just life, so accept it and move on.

But here’s the thing:  it is what it is.  All the wishing, planning, pondering, lying awake at night, and strategizing all possible ramifications in the world to every possible step is not going to change what’s already there.  The contents of the “box” were created little by little, day to day, and accumulated over a time period.  Whatever it is, it just is, regardless of how much anxiety may go into today’s decision about what to do with it.  Being truthful – with yourself, with us, and with your creditors – and being proactive are really the only things that work in the long run.


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