How Long Will My Bankruptcy Last?

The length of your bankruptcy case depends on which chapter you file.  While a Chapter 7  Within 30-4

5 days after filing bankruptcy, a meeting of creditors is held with the trustee appointed to the case.  In a Chapter 7 case, approximately 60 days after this meeting, the debtor receives a discharge.  If there are no assets for the Chapter 7 trustee to administer, the case will typically be closed shortly after entry of discharge.  If there are assets to be liquidated in the case, it will remain open until the trustee has completed the liquidation and made distributions to creditors. bankruptcy case typically is a few months in duration, Chapter 13 cases are open for a 3-5 year period during which payments are made by the debtor to the Chapter 13 trustee.


Jamie Harris is an associate attorney with DelCotto Law Group PLLC. Her practice of law focuses on helping business owners hurdle financial obstacles. Jamie is best known for her experience in filing Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 bankruptcies. In her Chapter 11 cases, Jamie has represented companies from many different industries including healthcare, nonprofit, trucking, construction, commercial real estate and telecommunications.



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