Lickert Named September Employee of the Month

Do you know the answer to  this trivia question:


Q: When was DLG Founded?

A: DLG is the 2010 name change from the firm Wise DelCotto, founded on 9/1/03.


So, it is only fitting that, as we celebrate the beginning of our 14th year in operation, Pam be honored as the September 2016 Employee of the Month.  Pam has been part of our team since day one! She is a leader and  cares deeply about the quality of not only her work, but the work product of the entire Firm.  Without Pam, we’re positive that DLG would not enjoy the reputation for excellence that we have maintained throughout all of our comings and goings over the years.

Pam’s courage and attitude is something to behold and an inspiration for each of us. We can’t say this any better than Pam’s daughter, Ashley, said it in her Bike to Beat Cancer letter, so we will just quote her:

In 2013, I was determined to complete my first century and ride 100 miles in honor of my mother, who was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, as it had returned after nine years and metastasized to her spine. Now, three years later, and after a double mastectomy, multiple surgeries and treatments, and cement in her spine… the latest struggle has been with her legs, as the treatment for the cancer has caused a severe form of neuropathy in her legs and she can no longer walk. 2016 has thrown its own set of battles at her and she continues having to fight this horrible disease day-in and day-out, dealing with each and every pain and obstacle that comes her way. This woman, my mother, is the toughest woman I know and is truly amazing! Her spirits remain high, we focus on positive thoughts, and she keeps fighting the good fight one day at time. Nothing stops her, and she proves this to us all on a daily basis. I am so very proud of her, and I thank God for her each and every day.

Thank you, Pam for everything you do for DLG – we are so blessed to have you as a part of our Firm.


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