June is National PTSD Awareness Month

PTSD Awareness


The National Center for PTSD promotes awareness of PTSD and effective treatments throughout the year. Congress has named June 27th PTSD Awareness Day (S. Res. 455). In 2014, the Senate designated the full month of June for National PTSD Awareness (S. Res. 481). Efforts are underway to continue this designation for the fourth consecutive year in 2017.


We all experience some traumatic event in our lives, such as the death of a loved one, a severe accident or disease, or watch someone in a painful or life-threatening situation. After a traumatic event, most people have painful memories. This is “post-traumatic shock.” For many individuals, the effects of the event fade over time. Most people may remember a traumatic event, but they put the event in perspective and learn to cope with the feelings they first felt.

PTSD Brain Word Cloud


But for others, the stressful memories, thoughts, and feelings do not go away – even months or years after the event is over. This is called PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome). Mental health experts are not sure why some people develop PTSD and others do not. With PTSD,  a person’s mental and physical health may be adversely affected for years. If stress reactions do not improve over time and they disrupt everyday life, it is important for an individual to seek help to determine if PTSD is present

The purpose of PTSD Awareness Month is to encourage everyone to raise public awareness of PTSD and effective treatments. We can all help those affected by PTSD.

Raise PTSD Awareness

You can make a difference!

“Greater understanding and awareness of PTSD will help Veterans and others recognize symptoms, and seek and obtain needed care.” – Dr. Paula P. Schnurr, Executive Director of the National Center for PTSD

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Originally posted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.



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