When It Comes to Business Finance, Once Size Does Not Fit All

DLG prides itself on providing personal service to each and every client.  For our business clients, this means taking the time to understand a company’s financial demands and formulating a strategy that is tailored to fit the company’s specific needs.  Although this process may sometimes indicate that bankruptcy is the best course, our firm standard is to work with each client to explore all possible options before making a final decision.

In some cases, DLG may be able to guide a business to “work out” a resolution with the company’s major lender through an out-of-court debt restructuring process.  In others, we may be able to work with multiple trade vendors pressuring the company for payment to formulate repayment plans that give the company the breather it needs to restart operations.

Another company’s goal may be to wind down its operations in an orderly fashion, and DLG can provide counsel regarding the best way to accomplish this task, either inside or outside of bankruptcy.  Others still may feel that the protections and structure of Chapter 11 bankruptcy are necessary to guide a company back to financial health, and DLG attorneys can work with company management to determine the possible obstacles and benefits that Chapter 11 may bring.

At DLG, we know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to business financial decisions.  If your business is in financial distress, contact DLG to explore these and other courses of action that may potentially be available to you.  Although Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be one option, DLG attorneys will work with you to explore both bankruptcy and all other alternatives that may be available to ensure that you select the best fit for your business.


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